Trappers: A Hunter’s Best Friend

LEAD DePalma 039

BY JIM SPENCER One morning last April, I shot a fine gobbler on the ridge behind our house. He was the fourth I’ve taken from that ridge since 2011. My wife Jill has taken two others. We’ve been trapping that … [Read More]

Country Buyer Blues: The Fur Industry Keeps Evolving

By Jim Spencer Finally, this ongoing fur market slump is showing signs of easing. Some of the signs are political, some are economic, and some are…well, let’s just say that nothing in the fur market has ever been permanent, and … [Read More]

The Trap Line

February 2017 Fur Market Report

Friday, January 27th, 2017

March 2016 Fur Market Report

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Product Spotlights

ICOtec GC500

The ICOtec GC500 Is a Powerful Predator Call at a Modest Price

The new ICOtec GC500 is a highly efficient unit that is durable, easy to operate, powerful and very affordable. You can’t go wrong with this electronic game call if you are a beginner or a more experienced hunter that demands expandability. The … [Read More]


The ICOtec GC300 Is an Affordable and Deadly Effective Electronic Call

Electronic predator calls have advanced greatly in the last handful of years, leaving predator hunters with an array of options many never dreamed of only a few years ago. But some predator callers are wary of investing hundreds of dollars … [Read More]


The Market Report

Fur Market Report: Selling Season About to Start

This is an excerpt from Trapper & Predator Caller’s January 2015 Fur Market Report.   By Serge Lariviére No large international sales have occurred for this new selling season yet, and honestly, although most folks in the industry hope for some … [Read More]

Fur Market Report: Signs Point Toward Slight Uptick

Conditions look favorable for the fur market heading into first international sales of the season   This is an excerpt from Trapper & Predator Caller’s December 2014 Fur Market Report. By Serge Lariviére Glimmers of hope start to emerge as we approach … [Read More]

Fur Market Report: Signs of Hope

This is an excerpt from Trapper & Predator Caller’s November 2014 Fur Market Report. By Serge Lariviére As this issue hits the press, trappers across the U.S. and Canada will be at the very edge of their trapping season or right … [Read More]

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